Why have a Boudoir Photoshoot – a few surprising reasons

Why does a woman want to have a Boudoir photoshoot?

There are many, many answers to this question but my top 11 responses are:

Age – she can capture how good she looks at a certain age  – 30, 40 , 50+
Boudoir session Lincolnshire - mature lady

Divorce – yes really!  It’s a new start. The closing of one chapter and the beginning of another

Showing Off -why not? Let her friends and the world see how good she feels and looksbest boudoir photographer in lincolnshire

Weight Loss – a boudoir shoot can be used as reward  or a goal to aim for.  It’s a fabulous incentive to get a shoot booked!

Boudoir photoshoot in lincolnshire - weight loss

Following a new baby – a few months after the birth –  a boudoir session can be the incentive to get the new mum’s figure back again and feel ultra sexy

 Loss of a partner.  Sadly this does happen and I have photographed a few of these boudoir sessions.  I must say these clients are a joy to work with.  For them it is all about a new start, new makeup/hairstyle or new beginnings or a new you

Breast Cancer – This can absolutely be the most rewarding boudoir sessions we have done.  Total respect for the ladies who have had this done

Boudoir photoshoot in Lincolnshire - fighting breast cancer

Bridal Boudoir – the Gift of a Lifetime for the groom and a wonderful experience for the bride to bebridal boudoir photoshoot - unique gift for the groom idea

Valentine Day – of course – such a sexy surprise!
Boudoir photoshoot in Lincolnshire - valentine present

Christmas Day – This is when I see a huge surge in gift vouchers – presented with a bottle of champagne and some sultry underwear that’s Christmas sorted guys!

boudoir photoshoot gift voucher - symply Boudoir

Mothers Day – Another ideal time for that very special gift certificate.  Mum’s need to feel special too!

A certain birthday – what a fabulous way to make it extra special

  • So there you have it ladies – so many reasons why a boudoir session is booked.  But whatever the reason – the most powerful outcome of the shoot is it is a huge confidence booster.  So what’s your reason?  Contact me using one of the methods below – and change the way you feel about yourself forever

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