We are all fascinated by before and after photos aren’t we? Here are a selection to show just how gorgeous and glamorous we can make you look. How to go from every day – to slay. You are beautiful too! The transformations only go to show what you can look like with just a little TLC.

Whatever your fears, worries, size, age or confidence level – we have met someone like you before. Every single woman has walked into my home wondering just what on earth is she doing – and she couldn’t possibly enjoy the process! Most confessed that they nearly cancelled.  Virtually every woman said they couldn’t sleep the night before.  Most sit there full of doubt – convinced they will be the one that we can’t work our magic on.

Well – let me say this – every single one of them have said they would do it again in a heartbeat if they could because it was so much fun.

Every single one has said what a difference it has made to their lives.  Every single one who has a significant other has said how much it has helped their relationship!  Really!!  It seems crazy doesn’t it!  Oh lets get a woman with zero confidence and ask her to pose in front of a camera in her lingerie.  “How does THAT work” say the cynics.  Well it just does.  It’s empowering and liberating – and we can make it work for YOU.  No dieting, no counselling sessions, no mindfulness courses – just an amazing boudoir experience!

Oh – and if I had a pound for every woman that exclaimed “I can’t believe that’s me!!!!” – well – I would off on a yacht in the Caribbean 🙂 I hope you enjoy the transformations – and thank you to the generous ladies that have agreed to let me use their before and after photos!



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