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I really want a shoot ….but am so nervous!

It is normal  to be nervous about a boudoir shoot –  after all you are coming to a studio where you don’t know anyone and- expected to be photographed in skimpy items  – and you probably hate having your photo taken aswell!  From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave my make up artist and I make every effort to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. You will not be expected to do anything you don’t want to do and I will guide you throughout and make the shoot fun and exciting.

I’m too old!

Rubbish! Some of my best clients have been older ladies who have reveled in finding their inner siren! Read this blog post now!

Who is the photographer?

I am the only photographer  – I started out photographing children, moved onto weddings and portraits, and now after lots of training with some of the top boudoir photographers in the country, have moved into boudoir as well. I always said I would never do boudoir unless I could do it well as it can look so tacky and seedy ……….. well I’ll leave the images to speak for themselves.

Can I trust you?

Read my reviews from women just like you – they are on an independent website, honest and I’m very proud of them  – click here or just read this from Dorothy (age 62)

“Well where do I start, and what words sum up my Boudoir experience with Sharon and Katie. Fun, professional, amazing, relaxing but Intense. I was encouraged by a friend to contact Sharon, as they both agreed it would help boost my self-esteem and confidence. After making the appointment I did consider cancelling the photo shoot as I was driving there-but thank heaven I didn’t as I now consider it for me life changing experience, and has given me a new outlook on Life. From the time I stepped inside the studio, I was made to feel so especially welcome, like a lifelong friend, and from then on it was fun all the way! Katie was unbelievable with her make-over and was able to give me a lot off advice, and complete with Sharon’s constant unobtrusive guidance throughout, they combined to produce some wonderful photos. When I returned to see my photos I remember saying “that’s not me” I didn’t recognise myself, and how amazing it was for someone else to show me how people should see me. Thank you Sharon and Katie for changing my life.”  Dorothy 13/12/2015.

Who will do my makeup and hair?

I  have an amazing  makeup artist and hair stylist who is a fully qualified professional MUA and loves what she does. You will be amazed at how she will transform you ! before and after makeover

What shall I wear?

Bring whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in. When you book I will send you a brochure outlining some ideas for you. I will supply a  lovely big dressing gown for you to wear between shots so you don’t need to worry about bringing one of your own!

There are bits of me I don’t like, how do you deal with that?

Gosh – we’re female!!   We all have bits we don’t like!!  So yes we totally get it and that is the skill of a good boudoir photographer – to emphasise your good bits and hide the bad using a variety of posing and lighting techniques. I can  guarantee you will look fantastic!

Will you airbrush my photographs ?

I will post produce every image  carefully and artistically to enhance and create beautiful photographs.  I take a great deal of pride in the finished article and want you to be proud of it too.

I have a scar or tattoo can you remove it in the photograph?

Yes, absolutely, please let me know of anything you want removed.Before and after 1

I don’t want my photographs to appear on your website or Facebook page!

Don’t worry I  wont use any photographs on my website, Facebook page or for advertising purposes unless I get your permission first, I totally respect your privacy. However – I am eternally grateful that there are clients out there who hate looking at photos of themselves normally  but allow me to use their images as they are so proud of them! (Thank you ladies xx)

How long will the shoot last?

Generally the makeover takes about an hour, and then the shoot can take up to two hours. Don’t book anything after the shoot though – I want you to be totally relaxed and not clock watching!!

OK – how much?

Full breakdown of the cost can be found here on the Investment page.  No – it’s not cheap.  Its not meant to be.  There’s plenty of photographers who will do this “cheap”.  But this is where the old adage of you get what you pay for comes into play. I have spent a very long time training to do this.  I have spent a very long time learning how to airbrush.  I work with a make up artist who is fully qualified in the art of photography makeovers.  The products we use are high quality.  The albums we sell have lifetime guarantees.  This is why it is an investment – you won’t need to do this a second time if you get it right the first time – (unless you enjoy it so much you want to!)

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, but I do require the price of your shoot to be paid either before or on the day itself.  Collections  purchased  after the shoot  can be paid in mutually agreeable interest free instalments or PayPal Credit

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes I accept all major credit and debit cards, and PAY PAL Credit

If I choose a package and then want to upgrade can I?

Yes, you can add to any of the  packages and can choose from any of the products.

Great, so how do I book?

Fill out the contact form here and I will send you a scheduler so you can choose your shoot date.  We require the £199 session fee in advance to secure the booking. Once we have received your session fee I will send you details of the shoot you have chosen and some extra info.

How long after the shoot will I get to see my photographs?

Usually between 7-10 days – this allows me time to fully edit and airbrush your images – I will invite you back to view them here at the studio.

Once I have paid my session fee if I need to change the date of my shoot can I?

Yes,  of course you can.  I do try  to be as accommodating as possible.


If I haven’t covered another question that you may have please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below for others to see!  Thank you 🙂

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