Classy Boudoir Photography

My style of Boudoir photography is very classy, elegant, tasteful, and with an air of “agent provocateur” or “courtesan” about it.    I always tell my clients if they are looking for bold, brash, page 3 type photography then I’m not the photographer for them.  I want my clients to feel relaxed, and to trust me – not to be worrying that I’m going to ask them to do something they really do not want to do.  Flashing everything to the world is really NOT my style at all.boudoir photography lincolnshire

“What’s involved with your classy boudoir photography then?”

Most of my boudoir sittings start off with just some straightforward glamour portrait shots, just to get my client used to me and my method of working and obviously to get my studio lights set up the way I want to.  The next stage is pure studio boudoir – a shirt dropping off a shoulder, coy looks, semi undressed – very easy and relaxed and always a lot of fun.


female boudoir photographer

Then it is up to the client whether she wants to be photographed lying on the bed in her luxurious lingerie – I have two lovely bedrooms  beautifully set up for boudoir work (one with a gorgeous chaise longue that always gets used!)   I  show her what is happening in camera and we work together to get the look she wants. Classy Boudoir photography in lincolnshire

Finally we go through the photos and we can call it a day or – as in the picture below, a client feels brave enough to ask me for a special shot she has had in the back of her head and is now feeling confident to ask for it.  This particular shot was such a request – intensely personal – Michelle wanted to celebrate the fact that, despite her breast cancer, she still could look beautiful – I agree – I think she looked stunning and was incredibly brave to do this.  It was an  absolute privilege to fulfil your bucket list request lovely lady – RIP xxxBoudoir Photography

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