Boudoir Photography for Mature Women


Welcome to the world of being Fabulous and over Fifty! 

boudoir photography for the older woman

So many mature women are of the opinion that boudoir photography is just for the beautiful and young  and that it probably isn’t for them. These women will say  “oh I’m over 50 I couldn’t possibly look good !”  Well let me tell you that in my experience as a boudoir photographer this is absolutely not the case! In fact – my best clients have been in their 40’s and 50’s.  Once they relax and realise that this is a bit of fun, and we’re going to make them look gorgeous – well they throw off their inhibitions, and actually enjoy the whole experience.  And this shows in their photos!

Meet Bridget – she decided to try and boost her confidence by having a boudoir shoot – and give her husband a treat as well.  Well we were blown away by how she morphed into a playful sexy siren – have a look here and see what you think! Please leave her some comments – I am always so grateful when clients let me use their photos – it takes courage – so please make it worth it for her!

Read what Bridget had to say about her Boudoir Photography session :

“I had  decided have some glamour shots and found Symply Photography on the net and as it was a lady photographer I thought I would book a sitting. I was very nervous, but Sharon and Katie soon put me at ease. Two hours of good fun and laughter. Many thanks Katie for my fabulous make over and Sharon for the fabulous photos, you both made me feel and look a million dollars. Two words describe the photos classy and Awesome !!! Would definitely recommend!”.
boudoir photography for the mature lady39boudoir photography for the mature lady35boudoir photography for the mature lady33boudoir photography for the mature lady29boudoir photography for the mature lady26boudoir photography for the mature lady25boudoir photography for the mature lady23boudoir photography for the mature lady18Did this post give you the courage to book your own Boudoir Experience session?  Get in touch and make it happen!

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