Before and After Makeover

We all are amazed at before and after shots – but in truth anyone can look this good.  How?  Well the secret is professional make up, creative lighting, clever posing and a little bit of airbrushing magic.  The before shots – in all honesty – haven’t had anything like that done to them!  At this point – can I just say a huge thank you to the clients who have agreed to let me use these photos !

I thought I would ask my make up artist –  Katie – for her reasons why we include a makeover in our Boudoir Experience package:

“When you choose to have professional photographs taken,  the styling is such an important part of that creative process.  As the make-up artist I share the vision of the photographer and complete this styling process for your session.  I am able to apply the correct level and depth of  make-up for the shoot. The make-up you are usually happy with for daywear (or evening wear for that matter) may not translate to a photo studio. The make-up I apply and techniques used are specific to that individual shoot, taking the client, lighting, mood, desired look into consideration. As the artist I will work ‘with’ you to create a bespoke make-over to ensure your session becomes unique. All this said you still need to feel and look like you, just a ‘polished’ and ‘finished’ you!!

Make-up is purely an enhancement of natural beauty , therefore my job is to enhance you not hide you!” 

We also recently received this comment from one of our  clients regarding her makeover –

“I am so glad I had my make up done professionally as Katie knew just how much to apply for the camera. I don’t normally wear much make-up and so didn’t want to look overdone, but just a more glamorous version of myself! This is exactly the look Katie achieved and I am really pleased with the way the make-up looks in the photos”

So – What will yours look like?

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